Welcome to hosted desktop 4U

At Hosted Desktop 4U we provide users with a reliable, responsive and quicker desktop workspace that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and on any device capable of displaying it.

Hosted Desktop 4U’s fully managed IT services are designed to provide you with a solution that improves the performance of your team, ensure full business continuity, data security and disaster recovery with offsite data replication.

Our Hosted Desktop Solutions give you access to your data same as working from your office if you have access to a steady and reliable internet connection.

Hosted Desktop Solutions provided by Hosted Desktop 4U can deliver a range of benefits to your business than the traditional IT infrastructure:

Mobility: Access your work from any location in the world.

Financial Savings: No need for expensive hardware, servers and associated localised support.

Better Cash Flow: Less capital expenditure costs mean more money available for your business

Scalability: IT requirements can be easily upgraded and downgraded as per your business needs.

Improved Productivity: Flexibly to work from anywhere and at anytime improves your workforce productivity.

Near 100% Reliability: 99.99% uptime means your business can always be open.

Disaster Recovery: Data is backed up and replicated regularly.

A ‘Greener’ Business: Less physical hardware on your business premises means a reduction in carbon footprint.

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